May 2017 - Food Contact Surfaces

How A New Generation of Compostables is Challenging the Recycle/Re-Use Paradigm.

Last week in Food Contact Surfaces we peeled back some layers to uncover new developments in the state of food packaging innovation. As the article’s supporting graphic implied, the 21st century options for transporting our personal supplies of water, … Read More


How Are Alginate and Grapeskins Changing the Face of Food Packaging Innovation?

In March 2016, ‘America’s Healthiest Grocery Store,’ Whole Foods, trialed an exciting new concept in grab-and-go food packaging. In a handful of stores including the now infamous location in Oakland, CA, the niche retailer offered pre-peeled oranges, ‘conveniently’ packaged in … Read More


Can New Tech Launch Potatoes as the Next Interstellar Food?

French fries, potato chips, latkes, waffles, mash, bakers, roasties…all potatoes, all of the time. Never has a vegetable been so universally loved. Although robust and hearty in a dish, the potato is nonetheless more susceptible to attack by pathogens … Read More


High-Tech Hemp – How Is This Humble Seed Moving Beyond its Hippie Heritage?

Do you remember when we broached the subject of cockroach milk? That article garnered quite a lot of interest, creating a buzz around this ‘alternative’ beverage and the question of sustainable farming. Recently, we double-checked the shelves of our … Read More

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