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Functional Comfort Food – The Future of Chocolate


So far, one thing about 2017 is abundantly clear – it has been a year of new ideas, innovation, and the meeting of fresh challenges. A period of milestones achieved and deadlines crushed, of new directions followed and novel experiences realized. And perhaps it’s true to say that nowhere is this more evident than in […]

Update: Clean Meat: Can a Flesh-Based Product Ever Be Considered Contamination Free?

Minced burgers. Roasted burgers with grilled vegetable

Berkshire has just learned that The Tavern at The Williams Inn will be the first restaurant in New England to server the all-new #ImpossibleBurger. After writing  about San Francisco startup Hampton Creek Foods Inc’s meat made from a chicken feather and Sir Richard Branson’s recent investment in Memphis Meats, this opportunity in our back yard is too […]

Clean Meat : Can a Flesh-Based Product Ever Be Considered Contamination-Free?

Homemade Grilled Barbecue Chicken

It’s mid-September and time to bid a slow farewell to summer, reluctantly pack away our grills, and turn our thoughts to the pleasures of fall. In come the pumpkins, the pies, and the apple cider, and out go the burgers and dogs of summer barbeques. We’ll miss them, but they’ll be back next year. And […]