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Foggy with a Chance of Martinis?

Fog Martini

When is a commodity not a commodity? If that sounds like one of our confounded riddles, it’s actually a serious question. And the answer is when it’s vaporware. Vapor-what? Vaporware refers to hardware or software that is being actively promoted but which has yet to be fully developed or finalized as a tangible product. Nebulous […]

Could Camel Creamer be the Next Big Thing To Customize Your Cup of Joe?

Camel Creamer

Camels – those ‘ships of the desert’ more usually associated with the Arabian Peninsula, Kazakhstan, or Somalia – are now to be sighted grazing the verdant rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, home to the largest Amish settlements east of the Mississippi. Yes, welcome to the arguably weird world of camel farming… …camel milk is […]