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Can Canada’s New SFCR Really Make Food Safer?


When thinking about our neighbors to the north, Canada, what springs most readily to mind? Take a moment to mull it over – we’ll wait. Is it the frigid winter temperatures? The potential for epic roadtrips to see the Northern Lights? The abundance of that sweet delicacy maple syrup? Or what about the national game, […]

Could Seaweed Be at your Next Party?

Could Seaweed Be at your Next Party?

With the arguably disappointing Superbowl 2019 now fading into memory, some of us – silently regretting the over-indulgence in typical game night party foods – are turning once again back to our resolutions to eat healthier this year. Out are the wings, chips, spicy layered dips, pizza slices, and onion rings and in are fresh […]