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impossible burger

Undercover Report

impossible burgerThe build:

Impossible Burger Patty medium, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese artisan bun lightly grilled.



They offer a full array of heat from practically raw to well done.


You could get cheddar, swiss, or American cheese or none.


They did offer a full vegan option.

Additional offerings

They strongly recommended caramelized onions with it.  It came served with lettuce, raw onions a tomatoes and a pickle on the side.

Impossible burger makeup

Experience notes:


Smooth and moist not like the usually sawdust veggie burgers I had consumed in the past.


I was able to get some of the patty away from the condiments. I didn’t detect any extra seasonings or anything over powering to mask the natural favor. I enjoyed the taste which was like meat with a little hint of wheat.  Once I was eating the burger with the condiments included it was hard to remember I wasn’t eating an actual hamburger (Other than the couple from New Mexico who were staring at me watching for a reaction while I ate it)


The burger was much thinner than the one in the video on the Impossible burger site though quite filling. I purposely deconstructed the burger so I could see the look of the patty more closely.

Post meal feeling

With the Impossible burger I felt satisfied… I felt full.  I had recently eaten at a popular “gourmet” burger chain.  Though the burger was good, it was huge and greasy,  afterwards I felt bloated.  The Impossible Burger Made me feel good without the bloat.

impossible burger patty


4 out of 5 stars

Final Thoughts

This summer I had the pleasure of having my favorite burger ever from Shake Shack.  As a proud carnivore I was skeptical that the Impossible Burger would be on par with a hamburger. While it didn’t live up to Shake Shack it was delicious, I am fairly certain I could serve these at a BBQ and no one would know the difference if they didn’t see me cook them. The home chef in me wishes it was purchasable for to try things with.  Especially I would like to try it as a meatball substitute with pasta.  Impossible burger states this may be available in the future though they are focusing on restaurants for now.

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