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What Readers Need to Know About Low-Energy Irradiation in Spice Contamination Control

A collection of different spices on wooden spoons

A Lead on LEEB. Back in 2017 we were arguably ahead of the game in publishing our article entitled “Spice Manufacturing: Racking up the Contamination Violations.” Given that it was received with great interest by our community we are excited to call attention to a similar piece in the April/May issue of Food Safety Magazine. “Winning […]

FDA, GRAS, and CFR: How Much Do You Know?

Food Poisoning inspection concept

In our industry, a couple of acronyms are important to understand: FDA, GRAS, and CFR. This article explains what these stand for and their implications for products manufactured for inclusion in and contact with food items and packaging. The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was established following the passage of the 1906 Pure Food […]

Contaminated Chow – How Aflatoxins Can Be Fatal for Fido

Mold and aflatoxin

Even as 2020 begins its slow recession into the rear view mirror of daily life, it nonetheless succeeds in finding ways to unsettle and discourage. During the purgatory of social isolation – be it quarantine, lockdown, or shelter-in-place – many of us have benefited from the easy company of man’s best friend, our faithful dog. […]

Food Contact Surfaces: Top Five Articles of 2020

Food Contact Best of 2020

In our other annual review over at Cleanroom News, we may have already mentioned the apparent cognitive dissonance of pairing ‘Top 5’ and ‘2020’ in any single sentence. But here we are, doing it again! And, as much as we too feel the relief of closing the door on the back of that most challenging […]

Could a Childhood Favorite Offer More than Just a Snack?


COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID…that’s all anyone’s talking about! Not here at Food Contact Surfaces – well, not completely anyhow. Although we continue to reflect on the current reality of living under the shadow of the virus, we’re also consciously looking forward – after all, the daily experience of quarantining, mask-wearing, and social distancing can eat […]

The Threat to Turkey in the Time of COVID-19


Just when you start to think that life couldn’t get any more challenging in the time of the pandemic, 2020 turns out to be ‘the gift that keeps giving.’ And we heartily wish it would just stop. Not only has it felt like a full decade since shelter-in-place, quarantine, social distancing, mask wearing, and loss […]

Ghosts, Goblins, and Global Food Safety

Halloween Jack o Lantern bucket filled with candy isolated on white

Although it seems like 2020 has already been about 5 years long (with an abundance of social media memes to reinforce this impression) it is, actually, only October and we still have the final quarter to go. It all begs the question: will this ‘challenging’ year never end? With that in mind and in a […]

Corn-ucopia in the Time of COVID-19


  It’s hard to dispute the assertion that the past nine months have ushered in a fundamental shift within our society. We’ve seen quarantining and lockdowns, shelter-in-place and shutdowns, social distancing and masks, re-openings and patio dining, not to mention national shortages of ‘essential grocery store items’…you know what we’re driving at here. We’ve also […]