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High-Tech Hemp – How Is This Humble Seed Moving Beyond its Hippie Heritage?

hemp milk and seeds

Do you remember when we broached the subject of cockroach milk? That article garnered quite a lot of interest, creating a buzz around this ‘alternative’ beverage and the question of sustainable farming. Recently, we double-checked the shelves of our local grocery store to be sure that this substance wasn’t already available (it wasn’t – phew!) […]

More than Nutrition – How Does Spinach Find its Way into the Cleanroom?

Spinach series on white background

The contributions made to the field of modern medicine by Hippocrates, a physician in Ancient Greece, are hard to underestimate. The ‘Father of Modern Medicine,’ Hippocrates is not only credited with defining the discipline as a profession distinct from philosophy and theurgy (magical practices to invoke a divine spirit), he was arguably the first to […]

How is Modern Milk Production Moo-ving Away from Dairy?

Cows on farm field.

It’s a bucolic image. A herd of dairy cows grazing a verdant hillside, languorously moving from one delicate nibble of sweet fresh grass to the next. In a bright blue sky the sun shines warmly, birds circle the thermals overhead, and the cattle swish their tails lazily against flies. This is the Land of the […]

How Do You Take Your Coffee – with Wine Or Cockroach Milk?


Good morning! If you’re anything like us, your morning routine involves fumbling for the alarm clock, scanning email, and pouring a bucket-size cup of coffee. Even on the toughest mornings – a mid-winter Monday with snow on the ground, the house creaking quietly and dawn still several shades of dark away – the scent of […]

Spice Manufacturing: Racking up Contamination Violations

Spices and bottles

There’s a storm brewing. A sea change. An unprecedented overturning of the comfort of routine and points of balance. We are living in interesting times. From the proposed border wall to the U.S. quitting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), whatever your political leanings, it’s easy to agree that post-election America is a rapidly changing landscape. Both […]

Edible Insects? There’s a New Kind of Crunch in Town

edible insect

Human beings are a diverse bunch. We hold differing opinions on almost everything – from politics to sports to who we marry and who we worship. Endlessly creative, we find an almost infinite number of ways in which to differentiate our group from others, consciously emphasizing our differences over our similarities. One look at the […]

Filet Mignon for Fido? Just Hold the Extras!


Another week brings us face to face with another recall in the food industry. Just as we were starting to recover from scandals involving potentially contaminated cookie dough (Listeria monocytogenes, Aspen Hills, Inc.), popcorn chicken (‘extraneous materials,’ Tyson Foods) and the perennially risky preserved lemons (undeclared sulphites, Roland Foods, LLC) another case of product contamination […]

Cleaning A Contaminated Personnel’s Behavior – Decontamination Tools For Quality Managers

hand hygiene

Quality Managers have a tough job. Berkshire Corporation makes that easier for you with our downloadable two part series Cleaning A Contaminated Personnel’s Behavior – Decontamination Tools For Quality Managers. Click on the images below to download your Free copies today. As a bonus gain access to our Quality & Food Safety System’s Procedure Sheet that […]