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Is The World’s Most Expensive Cup of Coffee Worth It?

Luwak (civet cat)

Coffee. Those six small letters make up a word that stimulates the imagination, wakes the brain, and kickstarts the day. Conjuring a rich, dark aroma and the sensuality of heaping soft brown sugar dissolving into a bold foamy crema, love them or loathe them there’s no denying that espressos, pour-overs, Americanos, cappuccinos, lattes are all […]

More than Nutrition – How Does Spinach Find its Way into the Cleanroom?

Spinach series on white background

The contributions made to the field of modern medicine by Hippocrates, a physician in Ancient Greece, are hard to underestimate. The ‘Father of Modern Medicine,’ Hippocrates is not only credited with defining the discipline as a profession distinct from philosophy and theurgy (magical practices to invoke a divine spirit), he was arguably the first to […]

How is Modern Milk Production Moo-ving Away from Dairy?

Cows on farm field.

It’s a bucolic image. A herd of dairy cows grazing a verdant hillside, languorously moving from one delicate nibble of sweet fresh grass to the next. In a bright blue sky the sun shines warmly, birds circle the thermals overhead, and the cattle swish their tails lazily against flies. This is the Land of the […]

Pathogens, Partnerships and FSMA: Where FDA Is Headed

This year is a big year for food safety at FDA. All seven of the FSMA rules have been finalized, and the first compliance date is right around the corner (compliance with the Preventive Controls for Human Food rule starts in September for large companies). Stephen Ostroff, M.D., just took the helm from Michael Taylor […]