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Are Kangaroos Combating Climate Change or Just The Other Red Meat?

Red Kangaroo on White

Flatolophiles (and you know who you are) rejoice! At long last, aficionados of the gas we pass finally have a book to call their own – and we’re not talking about the seminal children’s work of that same name. Like everyone else with their finger on the pulse of book publishing, we are talking about […]

Does The Future of Medical Foods Lie at the Intersection of 3D Printing and Pharmaceutical Compounding?

Medical foods

Here at Berkshire we love food. We love making it safer by researching it, writing about it, and ‘consumer testing’ it. From ruby chocolate to cockroach milk, charcoal ice-cream to pizzas in space, we’ve scanned the aisles and checked out the newest and tastiest trends in order to bring you the most up-to-date, cutting-edge food […]

Food Contact Surfaces: Top 10 of 2017!

Food Contact Surfaces Top10

When playwright William Shakespeare famously wrote in Twelfth Night ‘If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die.’ he certainly had a point. But here at Berkshire, we like to put a different spin on it by declaring ‘If food be […]

Leverage the Beverage

Close-up of glass with ice and alcohol on a table

It’s that time of the week. We’ve navigated our way past ‘hump day’ and are cruising down the straight towards Friday. We’re putting in additional efforts to wrap up projects, to get tasks firmly off our desks (and hopefully onto that of our boss), and to ready ourselves for the blissful two-day mini-vacation we lovingly […]

How Arla Innovation is Modernizing the Face of Dairy

Cow looking straight into the camera

Old wisdom – the kind learned from our grandparents – has it that the body is made up predominantly of water. Although each grandmother would express her own estimate, the commonly touted figure is around 75%. And according to research, this received wisdom is not too far from the truth. Regulating our body temperature, aiding […]

Functional Comfort Food – The Future of Chocolate


So far, one thing about 2017 is abundantly clear – it has been a year of new ideas, innovation, and the meeting of fresh challenges. A period of milestones achieved and deadlines crushed, of new directions followed and novel experiences realized. And perhaps it’s true to say that nowhere is this more evident than in […]

Update: Clean Meat: Can a Flesh-Based Product Ever Be Considered Contamination Free?

Minced burgers. Roasted burgers with grilled vegetable

Berkshire has just learned that The Tavern at The Williams Inn will be the first restaurant in New England to server the all-new #ImpossibleBurger. After writing  about San Francisco startup Hampton Creek Foods Inc’s meat made from a chicken feather and Sir Richard Branson’s recent investment in Memphis Meats, this opportunity in our back yard is too […]

Clean Meat : Can a Flesh-Based Product Ever Be Considered Contamination-Free?

Homemade Grilled Barbecue Chicken

It’s mid-September and time to bid a slow farewell to summer, reluctantly pack away our grills, and turn our thoughts to the pleasures of fall. In come the pumpkins, the pies, and the apple cider, and out go the burgers and dogs of summer barbeques. We’ll miss them, but they’ll be back next year. And […]

Is Arsenic In Rice Poisoning Your Baby? Natural Toxins!

Long grain white rice

It’s hard to dispute that we are in a period of transition. Social upheaval, political uncertainty, and the drama of environmental change create screaming headlines to set us sometimes perilously off balance and unsure how to get through our days. And at times of stress, it’s natural to turn to our creature comforts for a […]