Functional Comfort Food

Ruby chocolate food trend

Back in 2017 (Functional Comfort Food) we reported about ruby red chocolate made from ruby cocoa beans sourced from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil that Swiss mega-chocolatier The Barry Callebaut Group had recently launched into the Shanghai, China market. Subsequent to the article, ruby chocolate was introduced into the Japan and Europe markets.  On […]

Is Kombucha a Boozy Booch or a Beneficial Beverage?

kombucha fermentation and shots

Between dire predictions of climate change and political stability on the global stage, some of us will be forgiven for turning – albeit only very occasionally – to the world of Hollywood and/or celebrity gossip for relief from the seemingly unstoppable torrent of Bad News. Whether it’s binge watching Game of Thrones or tabloid surfing […]

Canada’s New Safe Food for Canadian Regulations (SFCR)? – An Update


At Berkshire, we know we have discerning readers. An audience well versed in the mission, vision, and technologies of our industry. Readers with a broad range of interests outside of products used in cleanrooms or updates on protocols, and who thrill at learning how our industry is contributing to missions to Mars, creating innovative technologies, […]

How Bioreactors and Cleanroom Technology Might Be the Answer to Declining Seafood Stocks


For lovers of the ocean, the impact of some of our modern human behaviors is a cause of grave concern. Not only are we polluting the marine environment with our chemical run-off, trash, acidification and rising sea levels through climate change and more, but we are also removing its denizens at an alarming rate. From […]

Update: Soylent, Joylent, Zoylent, and Biolent

Meal replacements for the zombie apocalypse

Last year Berkshire wrote about Soylent. “The new cult beverage that’s swept the U. S. and is now gaining traction across The Pond in the U. K., is aimed less at weight watchers and more at those who simply do not have the time, capacity, or perhaps the imagination to prepare chewable meals.” So what […]

Is Lubricious Contamination Acceptable in the Food Processing Industry?

Production line in the food factory.

Armenian composer and philosopher G I Gurdjieff once admonished his audience to ‘Live a life of friction. Let yourself be disturbed as much as possible, but observe.’ In terms of personal development, this can indeed be a useful maxim, but for contamination control and manufacturing little may be further from the truth. Friction is actually […]

Can Canada’s New SFCR Really Make Food Safer?


When thinking about our neighbors to the north, Canada, what springs most readily to mind? Take a moment to mull it over – we’ll wait. Is it the frigid winter temperatures? The potential for epic roadtrips to see the Northern Lights? The abundance of that sweet delicacy maple syrup? Or what about the national game, […]

Could Seaweed Be at your Next Party?

Could Seaweed Be at your Next Party?

With the arguably disappointing Superbowl 2019 now fading into memory, some of us – silently regretting the over-indulgence in typical game night party foods – are turning once again back to our resolutions to eat healthier this year. Out are the wings, chips, spicy layered dips, pizza slices, and onion rings and in are fresh […]